Research Complete!

Hello, it's Friday and that's week one of Giddy Aunt's R & D for Gorgon finished ALREADY??!

Over the last five days we've had a brilliant time at Platform. Here's a list of some things we got up to:

  • We re-told versions of the Medusa myth we learnt when we were young and compared and contrasted these with the different takes in some pretty weird and wonderful documentaries.  
  • We shared books, music and poetry that have inspired us, reading everything from Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus, Hilary Mantel's essays, Neil Gaiman's short stories, Sylvia Plath, Shel Silverstein and watched American Horror Story and Freaks.  
  • We looked at examples of women in the media today including pop-stars and actors and how they are portrayed in magazines and on TV.
  • We debated and considered who can be considered a role model and thought about the world of show-business and the nature of performing.....
  • We almost covered an entire rehearsal room wall with all the images, drawings, diagrams, quotations and thoughts we had gathered
  • and of course drank too much tea and ate some pretty big cakes.  Like this one (shown alongside a regular sized cake):

Next week we'll be meeting the whole team again to discuss all the ideas so far and discover which ones leave us feeling the most excited.  The designer will then create a mood-board to help us decide the look and feel of the play and the sound designer will start creating some initial sounds for us to play with in rehearsal.  

Even though it's the end of the week we feel like we still have so many unanswered questions about our character - Where did she come from? Why is she here in the circus?  What does she want to tell us?  We can't wait until we are back in the rehearsal room in just over a week where we will start creating the world of the circus, meet the other characters and delve deeper into the mind of the mysterious Medusa:

S & Cxx