Gorgon is a daring one-woman show exploring the myth of Medusa in a modern-day setting. 

In Gorgon, the audience are invited into the eccentric Medusa's dressing room, where we witness her preparing to take to the stage as the headline act in The Great Athenian Circus Troupe of freaks, performance artists and sideshow attractions.  However, as Medusa readies herself for yet another performance, attempts to feed the snakes and checks through her schedule of corporate bookings, the drama takes a sinister turn. Unwittingly, the audience become witnesses to an ancient tragedy. 

Exploring some of the issues prevalent in the original myth, such as female rivalry, identity, peer pressure and consent, we have been inspired by literature such as Nights as the Circus (Angela Carter), The Penelopiad (Margaret Atwood) as well as campaigns such as #everydaysexism.

Gorgon is a comedic drama which invites an audience “backstage” to ask where the monstrous, mythical celebrity created by the media ends and the true self begins.

Gorgon has been supported by Creative Scotland, Imaginate and Platform, and has performed at the Imaginate Festival, Pulse and the BAC so far.